ICRES will provide an excellent opportunity for everyone involved to learn and discuss about sustainable development and green technology to the following areas but are not limited to these topics:

Water Resources Management and Wastewater Treatment

Ground water management
Water resources and river basin management
Regulatory practice, water quality objectives standard setting, water quality classification
Wastewater and sludge treatment
Nutrients removal
Suspended and fixed film biological processes
Anaerobic treatment
Process modelling
Sludge treatment and reuse
Fate of hazardous substances
Industrial wastewater treatment
Advances in biological, physical and chemical processes
On site and small scale systems
Storm-water management
Interaction between pollutants

Air Pollution and Control

Air pollution emissions
Air quality monitoring and management
Air pollution forecasting and modelling
Indoor air pollution
Emission sources
Atmospheric modelling and numerical prediction
Air emission trading

Resource Management, Green Technology and Sustainable Development

Environmental sustainability
Resource management
Life cycle analysis
Environmental systems approach
Renewable sources of energy-energy savings
Clean technologies
Sustainable cities

Waste Management and Recycling

Solid waste management
Waste minimization
Optimization of collection systems
Recycling and reuse
Waste valorization

Environment and Health

Air quality (ambient outdoor and indoor air quality)
Climate change and its effects on health
Heavy metal pollution and control
Building environment and health
Noise pollution control
Radiation exposure
Safe drinking water
Toxic chemical exposure
Liquid waste disposal
Medical waste management and disposal

Environmental Policy and Regulation

Quality guidelines, environmental regulation and monitoring
Public participation
Economic instruments
Modelling and decision support tools
Institutional development
Transboundary cooperation
Management and regulation of point and diffuse pollution